Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cleanses Sin

We got the news about changes, and we are both going to stay for another 6 weeks here in the hottest area in the mission. We are both just destroyed because of the heat haha but it’s all-good!

This last week was Semana Santa here in Guatemala! It was pretty dope and super hot! It was kind of hard to find people! We spent almost all week knocking doors because we didn’t really have many people progressing, but when Sunday came around we saw a ton of miracles! We had quite a few people attending and we have 1 baptism for this weekend and 2 for the next weekend!

We went to visit a sister who went to women’s conference and church on Sunday and just loved it! She had gone to church before but a long time ago in a different part of Guate! We taught her a lesson and we had the chance to do my favorite thing in the mission.  We challenged her to be baptized this weekend! We had known her for 20 minutes and thanks to the sweet boldness of the spirit, she said yes! She has a lot of preparation ahead but we are going to make it happen!

I think my favorite part about being a missionary is literally no embarrassment! I just love talking to people! I learned something from our assistant a couple weeks ago! He told me to just talk, talk about anything, their family, work, kids, and then after 5 minutes of building a relationship with them, relate it to JESUS, THE CHRIST! IT WORKS! I want to be bold always. Being bold cleanses sins. I’m not perfect at all, but this work is cleansing me. ¨As they went, they were cleansed¨ Luke 17:14

Thank you for always praying for me! I love you guys!

Just another P-day at the house.

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