Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Focused and Strong

The mission is going good! Sorry no pictures this week because I forgot the cord which is too bad because we baptized and it was dope!!! You'll get to see pictures soon anyway, because I only have 5 weeksssss ;))))))))

I'm getting stoked about coming home, but I need to stay focused and strong to the end.

Thanks for everything!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Senior Comp

This week was crazy! We didn't have a baptism all change and I was pretty sad. However during planning on Saturday, the thought came to our minds that we could baptize Julio! We didn’t think it was going to be possible because he was seldom home, but we went there that night and asked him to be baptized. He said he had been waiting for someone to ask him that!!!!!!! We got him ready really quickly because he still didn’t know a lot of things but he had his interview and I baptized him that Sunday!! It was awesome and I love that kid.
They sent me to LA ETERNA PRIMAVERA!!!! I don’t really like the capital but there are a lot of cool people so I’m pumped for these last 6 weeks! My comp is from PERU named Elder APAZA!!! He is super funny and I’m also stoked because I’m not even a district leader anymore!!! I went from being a zone leader to a senior comp! It’s DOPEEEE!!!! I’m the oldest in the mission now and my last change FLLLEWWWWW by so quickly. I’m going to be heading home before I know it.

We are going to baptize this week a guy named Lorenzo and he is a good guy! Super humble! I'll let you guys know how it goes.

I’ve got to go - we only have to write each other 5 more times.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Better Spanish than the Locals

Exercise on the Beach
I started out the week in a cool area called San Pedro La Laguna! It’s a new area that has 2 members who attend church. There are two elders trying to open the area but it’s been pretty hard for them.  We went over there to help out and found a ton of people and a family of ten! Not to mention it's one of the prettiest places ever! Their house is right on the beach of the lake so we went out to the beach to exercise! I also taught a French lady for the first time in my mission so I felt a little like Josh Beck!

On Wednesday I had to go back to my area which is a long process because the lake is huge and my area is on the other side of it!  We were in a bus for about 3.5 hours just trying to get back!  To take a boat across the lake takes like 20 minutes, but we can't travel by boat.  :(
Thursday we went to an area that is know for not knowing any Spanish! It always makes me feel good having better Spanish than all the other locals hahaha!  It was fun trying to commutate with them and we actually had quite a bit of success out there.

Right now we are teaching a kid named Julio. He is twenty and SOOO FUNNYY! He loves the church and he has been reading and praying but the only hard part is that he never has time! We can never find him but we are going to keep working with him!

This is Dragon Fruit - it tastes like kiwi just less sour and it is so good!   

For p day we went down to Pana to play soccer and I’m just going to say that we won ;)  I’ve grown to like soccer a little bit out here!

I love you guys and thanks for everything!!!!
Adios - Branson

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Being Cowboys

We started the week out by doing divisions with the assistants. I went with Elder Gallacher who is one of my best buds here in the mission. We decided to try and visit members and find new people! We found a ton of positive people and we helped activate two families! It’s pretty easy to activate families here! We also talked about how to work more effectively in an area the size of American Fork, Highland and Alpine put together!

The next day we had a meeting so we left early with the assistants so we could eat at an all you can eat buffet for breakfast on the way to the meeting hahaha!

The rest of the week we spent working with people and getting to know some new areas in our zone! I would say we probably have the prettiest area in the mission!

Sunday we have to go to all 3 branches so we are at the church from 8am to 5pm - ya it’s a lot so I don’t want to hear anyone complain about 3 hours hahaha! It was a good day and we got a lot of people to church!
Monday we went to the lake and we were hanging out with a couple of elders who are going home this next week! I’m the zone leader of one of my past comps - Elder Fulmer! (He was my comp when I first became a zone leader) Funny kid-he is leaving this next week so we spent time with him and I am trying not to think about going home.
Today we gave a workshop to the zone and we talked a lot about obedience and working with members so we hope to have success this month! 
 It's True! Haha!

Thanks for all the letters and I'll see all in two months!
Elder Kendall