Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Destroy the Body

SO THIS WEEK WAS DOPE!!!! We were struggling a little when I got to this area, but things are literally just falling into place and it’s been good lately!  And it wasn’t too hot this week so we were working like crazy and seeing a ton of miracles!
Sunday we baptized a little kid of a family of less actives and his other brother is going to get baptized this weekend and then the 27th we can baptize a family of two that is suppperrrr calidad and 2 other men that have been going to church!

Dang the time is flying by!  I think the only thing that is killer is being TIRED ALL THE TIME!!!! I think 2 years is perfect, because it's the time it takes to completely destroy the body of a male missionary haha! I get home at night, plan, and make the calls in my bed hahaha! 

Well, I love you guys and thanks for everything!

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