Wednesday, January 28, 2015


SORRY I couldn’t write a lot last week because we were running late. This week was good!!! We worked super hard and had a ton of lessons! My new comp isn’t used to working like this, hahaha but it’s tight! My new area is super cold, every night we have to use jackets and I was super Guatemala? Yeah it’s cold!

Our house is right behind one of the biggest Catholic Church in Guatemala and its actually kind of tight, other than the crazy people that go there. This area is awesome because it’s right behind the capital city, so I have all the benefits of the capital but I don’t have to live there; I don’t like the capital!

We had a baptism this last week and it was awesome! I worked with him for a couple days and he is pilas! Something else happened this week that was sick! We had a couple in my old area get married and baptized this week-Ordolfo and Sulame! My pres. told me that and I was so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Falcon is PILAS!!!!
Final selfie with Elder Falcon! He was the sickest!
This is Elder Slaymaker!  He was Alex's roommate in college!

This week for p day we went to the TEMPLE! That is always super fun! We had divisions the day after with the zone leaders and their area is nuts! They are in the capital and it’s dangerous! There were gunshots all night but we are protected so we thought it was tight!!
Chinese food! This plate was HUUUUGEEEE!

I don’t know what more I can really tell you guys this week! The weeks are just a blur so I basically forget everything haha!

PERO........... LES AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADIOOSSSSS



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

El Carmen, Villa Hermosa

I had emergency changes and now I’m in El Carmen, Villa Hermosa! It’s nuts here. They say it’s the capital but it’s just a huge jungle with a Wal-Mart and a ton of other things! My area is full of some of the steepest hills and roads I’ve ever seen. My legs burn all day long haha! I’m going to have some buff legs after this area! My new companion is almost done with his mission and he is from Honduras.

Wednesday we had interviews and I got to see the Presidente and watch MEET THE MORMONS while we waited, that movie is actually really good! While I was there the assistants told me I had to pack because I was leaving Jocotillo the next day! When we got back I visited my converts; it was a hard last day! One lady tried to hug me haha!

Thursday I arrived in my new area and worked.

Friday I had to go to the general office building to sign some papers for my visa and all the guys from Coban from my district were there! That was tight because we talked with them for almost 3 hours!!

I don’t have more time right now too write but we baptized this week, which was awesome! I’ll write more next week. I love you guys a ton!!!!!!!!!!! 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Follow in Thy Path

Follow in Thy Path

Our mini missionaries have gone home, for the most part, I thought the week was super fun!!  It was great to train them and work them to death a little!

Do you like our sleeping arrangements?  How about the pink room?  Manly!?  haha!

One mini missionary left early because he didn’t want to be there any more, he could barely walk at the end! Poor kid. We weren’t even walking fast but he couldn’t do it!  Look at the suffering in his face. 

Our other mini mish was super pilas and he learned a lot!

He also got to see a baptism, because we baptized this week!!!! Yee haw!!! It’s been a couple weeks. It was nice to finally baptize the last member of the family, the papa, and now they are getting ready to go to the temple!

Nothing really crazy happened this week! We went to Antigua again and it is fun up there! There are only white people there for vacations! It was weird to see so many white people! We ate at this sweet place; unfortunately, I got super sick. I was up all night with this sickness, I’m just walking dead right now. But it's part of the mission!

This is the volcano Alli in Antigua. It's super cool!

Right now my comp is teaching me a new language! It is Mayan, and it is super crazy! It doesn’t sound anything like a language, just a bunch of noises! But I hope to learn a couple languages in these 2 years that I have!!

Thank you for all your prayers because I can feel the help that they give Elder Falcon and I!

I love you all and until next week...ADDDIIIIOOOSSSSS
Elder Kendall

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


 This is the band cover photo for Elder Falcon and me haha! 
(Branson got a harmonica for Christmas.)

The dogs here are super ugly.  This is a dog of a rich guy so it's not super gross.

For New Years, I had an allergic reaction to something we ate with some investigators! I have no idea what it was because I’m not allergic to anything other than aspirin! I had hives all over and my comp was freaking out. Thankfully, it went away and then we celebrated with a mini party in our house and it was actually fun!

The stake here is doing something really cool, every companionship gets two priests from the stake this week. They live and teach with us for one week. This gives the priests a little idea of what it is like to be a missionary! One of the priests staying with us is annoying, when I’m in divisions with him and he is being annoying, I just walk really fast and he struggles a little and he stops talking haha!

All I want to do is train in the next change, which I think I will do. We have 42 missionaries leaving this change and we are receiving a bunch of new kids as well! So I pray I get to train because it is fun!

The hardest thing about working with family’s here in Guatemala is they are never married! We always have to get them married to baptize them! The good news is we are going to marry 3 families this month and then baptize them!! So awesome! We also have a baptism this week! YEE HAW!!!!! It’s so awesome when all the work pays off! It has been some time since our last baptism! But we did it!

I wish I could write more but I can never remember anything to tell everyone! There are just so many things that happen here so it’s hard to remember it all! I love you all and thanks for the emails!



Thursday, January 1, 2015

They Aren't Married

This week was really crazy. Christmas came, and thanks to my mom, I gained a little bit of weight haha! So much Candy! We got to talk to our families as well which was good! It was kind of crazy though, because we are super far away from everything. I had to Skype on the phone of a member, which was nuts, but it was good to talk to my family! Then three families gave us food. So I’m gaining weight and enjoying this for a little, because after this season I will be starving again. 

We also had an activity this week with the zone where we went caroling, very funny! We sang to this evangelical group who were reading their bible, which made them mad haha. We also sang Families can be together Forever to this couple in the park who were kissing un poco haha super funny! The things you can do as a missionary.

Then the day after we went to the temple which was awesome! The temple is right next to the MTC and it made me feel really weird because I feel like I just left there!! But I almost have 5 months! Loco stuff. When we got back to the house, a group of huge BLACK BEES had made a nest on our porch. Elder Falcon and I went outside with this spray we bought, and sprayed them and they started to attack us! We were screaming like girls, but the bees are gone now! Really a blessing!

We are working with three families right now and they are all super pilas.  Unfortunately, they all have the problem we always have...they aren’t married! We are waiting for our friend the lawyer to return from Utah so he can help us get them married!! We are working like crazy and we aren’t baptizing. I have a word of advice for those future missionaries have patience! Something I’m learning right now.

I love you all and thank you for all the Christmas emails and if I couldn’t respond to you I’m sorry! There were a lot!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m going to light off some Fireworks tonight... What? 

Love you!