Monday, May 25, 2015

Office Work

I had emergency changes this week. I guess they needed someone new in the office. I’m pretty sure I'll be here for 4 changes because that’s about how long everyone stays in the office. My job is to do everything with the mail, registering the missionaries and the cars. Yes I can be in a car now!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I’m in the office helping with any problems in the mission. We leave the office at 3:30pm everyday to preach the gospel.

President put me with my first gringo comp! Elder Bentley is from Orem, Utah and he is actually pretty fun! We live in a huge 4-story house. It's very nice and we also have a weight room - so I’m stoked to get in shape! Now I'm the District Leader of the APs and the other people in the house! It's nuts, I feel like I’m living in college!

Right now we are preparing a family of four to be baptized and we are super stoked. This week we had a baptism. Right now we are a companionship of 4 people! So in this baptism photo there are my 3 comps!

Everything came at me so fast this week so I forgot about a lot of the things that happened but you’ll be hearing a lot about the experiences I have here in the office!! I love you all and thanks for everything!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First In Line

Hey Hey Hey!!!

This week started out so good because we had some people come to church that are going to get baptized this coming Sunday!!!!

We started out this week by doing some service, it took so long because we dug a four-foot deep hole that was 10 feet wide!! This same day when we were studying, my comp went to the bathroom and while he was in there he started yelling. I was confused until he came running out of the bathroom with a lizard on his face haha it was so funny!!

We had a lesson with some new people and at the end of the lesson they gave us some cake, so we were eating and they brought us something to drink.......... and I swear I didn’t know! I took a sip of it and it was COFFEE!! I drank coffee during my mish and my comp said I was first in line to go to hell haha ;)

For PDAY we went to Antigua and that was the sickest! We had a photo scavenger hunt, then we went to the Cerro de la Cruz, which has an amazing view!!!

Other than these things we are working hard!! Keep praying for Hermana Cloudia this week so she will be baptized!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shout Out


So I know I haven’t been writing a lot lately and I’m sorry for that!! I really do want to talk with all you guys because I love you! I also want to give a shout out to all the moms; you guys are the best;) I loved being able to see and talk to my mom on Mother's Day. I seriously never had 40 minutes go by so fast in my whole life!! I feel like it didn’t even happen!!!

A few pictures from the Mother's Day Skype Session.

So this week we have been working super hard, but we didn’t have a lot of people come to church because of Mother's Day, but we are preparing a couple of people to be baptized in these next few weeks!! We also are going to get a couple married, so I’m stoked about that!!!!! FAMILIES!!!!!!

This week for Pday we went out with a couple of guys and played FOOTBALL!! Real football, not soccer, and when we were playing a bunch of little kids came up and wanted to play.  It was the funniest thing ever. They would just catch the ball and throw it to their friend, it was so funny!

We also did a little bit of service making some TOMS ;) they were totally real... hahaha!



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It Rains so Hard


This week we have been working super hard and we are starting to see some miracles! We had a family and two ladies come to church this week and we are getting ready to baptize them!!

I know it is summer there in the states, but it's starting winter here in Guat right now!! It rains EVERYDAY! And when it rains... IT RAINS SO HARD!!!!! My comp and I try to use umbrellas but they don’t work so we just put our scriptures in bags and GO!!!

This week was good because my friend in the mission just got put in as my district leader so I'm excited to have him as leader!

I don’t have a lot of time this week but next week I’m going to write a really good one!!! HAHA!  

Elder Kendall