Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Cool Kids

What is up! Not much to report on this week! My comp and me have been killing it teaching! It is pretty dang fun actually. All the kids in my district are just goofs and it is so fun. My Spanish is progressing so fast and I feel so cool speaking with all the Latinos. I finally got Latinos in my room for the last two weeks!!!!!! I was so pumped because it's good practice!!! They are all going to cuidad central (this is Branson’s mission) as well so I’m just too pumped!!! The Latinos in our room are like the cool kids so all the Latinos flock to my room and they all call me their Latino brother because I’m the only one that understands them hahaha its so awesome! I know I won't understand much when I actually get out there but it is nice for now. It's the last p day here and we went to the temple and I did the endowment is Spanish, dificil (difficult) is all I can say haha but it was awesome. I also bought a custom scripture cases from someone here, i'll have to send you a picture out in the field! I don’t think I get to write next week because i'll miss p day put I’m still alive and I’m ready for the shock of the real world!!! I love you lots!
Paz Y Amor (Peace and Love)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Independence Week

Ok on to my week, it was interesting! Some kids got in a fight on my floor and one kid just straight flattened his companion! It was crazy but now the kid is going home! He was stupid anyway. Also all this week has been Independence week for Guatemala so a ton of fireworks and gunshots!! It was so cool! Also there was this huge group of people walking down the street in front of the MTC with torches and they were all chanting! It was kind of sick! We went to the market today and they had a bike shop, and it was actually legit! They had some demo 8s and p slopes and it made me want to ride! Not much else - I’m starting to enjoy it more! We are all best friends and the Latinos are hilarious! My Spanish is decent and I can teach pretty well!!!! I’m not sure when I'll write next week but probably Tuesday in the afternoon!!! Two more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love you

And also my scripture Philippians 4: 13

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We Got to Leave the MTC

This week was Amazing! We finally got to leave the MTC!!!!! My entire district was losing it! You guys would have thought it was so funny how pumped we were about everything outside of the gates. We got on a big tour bus and they took us on a tour of Guatemala! It’s the most beautiful place I have ever been. Even in the middle of the city is a jungle, and man do I love the jungle! We went to this super cool 3D map of Guatemala and you go up on this big tower and look down.  We were able to see our mission boundaries!! I’m stoked to get out there.
Then we went to the market that was something else. So many people and little kids running around. I was playing hide and go seek with all the little kids and it was the funniest thing ever. Everyone is just so nice here. We went to the basement of the market and that’s where they sell the meat... so gross. Not refrigerated at all. They just put them out on hooks and people like touch it! So nasty and it smelled bad! Got me super stoked for the food! Then we went to Wendy’s and can I say, the Wendys in Guatemala is ten times better then the Wendy’s in the US! So good!
A bunch of missionaries have flutes from the markets now and we all dance around to their “music”! The Latinos are nuts and have all these funny dances! The nights make the days worth it!
There is this kid here that is a snowboarder too and he plays a bunch of sick songs on the piano like MGMT and Local Natives and we just sing away! It’s awesome!  Other than that nothing really new!   

I love you so much and I miss you guys a ton!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Working Hard

CCM District

Not much new here. Still hate this place but it is getting much better. Spanish is coming along pretty well and teaching is easier in Spanish.  Tomorrow we are going to the market so we finally get to leave this place!!!!!!!  Just for a little though. All my roommates are leaving and it sucks!  My companion isn't a great singer, so I almost start laughing when he sings, but I love the kid and he helps me quite a bit! Exciting things that happened this week- it rained really hard a couple times turning roads into rivers, we also heard a couple gunshots last night in the middle of the night so that was also cool. Another thing was some dude was trying to kill himself, so he walked out into three lanes of Guatemala traffic and walked down the road for like a mile in front of the mtc! super crazy! Nothing else really!  Just working hard to learn the language and how to teach the gospel.

love you lots!