Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sawed Off Shot Gun

This week was good! We had 2 baptisms!!! Which is awesome. We wanted to have 5 but things always happen. I’m going to try to keep this email sweet and short for you all, just the good stuff. We converted this lady who used to be a mob boss, no joke. When we go to her house, she is always sitting on the couch watching a movie with a sawed off shotgun in hand. So funny but she is the best!

We also got two of our investigators married so they can be baptized! They are awesome but for some reason they keep drinking freaking coffee... so we can't baptize them yet, but we have patience and faith!

We did baptize J__and R___! Always awesome to help people come to Christ. During their interviews I went on divisions with Elder Daybell from Utah and he is a Brand new missionary so guess who was seƱor comp...Elder Branson Kendall! Man it was awesome!!!! I’m so stoked to get out of training because it was fun.

What wasn’t fun is that I got so sick on Sunday! I was just throwing up, but we still had to work. We would have lessons and I would just walk out to throw up! But I was blessed for pressing forward because now I’m good.

For Pday we went on this five-mile hike to Agua Tivia! It’s this natural spring in this canyon and it was so pretty! The water was so clear and it was warm! We couldn’t get in because of the rules but the member that took us was swimming and he was making fun of us!! If I ever mention Hermano C____, it’s this hombre that looks like Chris rock and he is hilarious. 

Well keep praying for Jocotillo so we can baptize enough to build a church here...we are close! I love you all and thank you to everyone that writes me!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I love you guys!!!! Enjoy thanksgiving!! I’m probably going to eat a little bit of chicken haha!!! Take some pictures of mashed potatoes so I can be jealous! Love you!


Closest I’ve got to chilling haha!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

McDonalds & French Toast


Right after last weeks pday, I went on divisions with the Zone leaders and that was super fun! We ate at McDonalds and the Zone Leader is American so that's always a little better. The next morning we ate a ton of French toast, which was awesome! I like being in different areas with different people. We have to travel a lot and whenever we travel we have to wake up at 3am, that’s always fun!

Not much new this week just the normal crazy Guatemala things. We are planning on baptizing 5 this week so pray for us! We also had divisions with the assistants and they spent the night in our house and that was just crazy! We don’t have electricity right now so pray for us;)

Thank you for everything!!! It's going by fast, I hear it's snowing a ton, I will try and not think about snowboarding! This computer won't let me send pictures so we are going somewhere different next time because I have some sweet pics!!!

I love you and tell the family hi for me and send me some pictures! I’m trying to make a Christmas card but I can’t find a Christmas hat hahaha! I love you a ton!

Love you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tiny Taxi

Did you know you could make pancakes in a microwave? I didn’t.

So funny story to start, we were driving here today to email and we were all in this tiny taxi.  It was just pumping with music! All these people in the taxi with us just started dancing and the driver was honking the beat of the song! I was like what is going on here, so funny. Everyone is just crazy here.  

My comp and I opened this area, so there aren’t very many members.  It’s a little lonely here, but we did baptized this week! We have worked with her for about a month and she is awesome.  Now we are preparing the rest of the family for November 23rd! We might have 8 baptisms that week, which would be cool.

Since last week, I’ve played the guitar 10 times. People just bring their guitars to me. It is so awesome!! We also got to drive around in a Range Rover this week! It was weird being in luxury. We just barely contacted this huge family that basically runs Jocotillo, and they are all so rich.  We just go from one big house to the next! And when I say rich I mean a normal house in the states! It feels like a blessing though.

Remember how I asked you all to pray for the bus; well it didn’t work hahahah the bus broke!  It was nuts trying to get everyone to church this week! We just shoved everyone in trucks and somehow got up there! Its funny, when you don’t have a way to get people to church, all of a sudden they want to go!

For p-day I threw around the football.  Really weird but it was awesome!! Well I love you all and I love the emails!!

-Elder Kendall

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Big Spiders


We have one investigator that was supposed to be baptized this week, but she drank coffee!!! Coffee of all things. So we wait.  

This week was awesome. We have a ton of big spiders that live outside of our house, so Friday night I went out and just smashed them with a bat!! No joke when I say these things are the size of your hand. 

Halloween was awesome! We dug a grave...nooo haha!  We dug this big hole for an investigator but it looks like a grave in the pic. 

And then I just bought a ton of candy!!! Like a ton! 

I also got to play the Guitar!!!!! My investigator told me to sing for him in English so I sang ¨We Are Going to be Friends¨  hahah!  It was so tight. 

Saturday was Dia de los Santos and there was a ton of drunk people and I kept telling them to hug my companion and they would! I got a lot of hugs that day too.  

Good news! It’s been really cold here!!! I even sometimes have wear a sweater!!!! Can you believe that, a sweater...in Guatemala!! For P-day we had a Futbul game and invited some of our investigators to play and we had a really good game.... I’m pretty good! 

So I need you all to pray for something, we have a bus that takes our investigators and us from Jocotillo to Our church an hour away. The guy that owns it might sell it and if so we are in trouble. So pray that some other way will come up that we can get these people to church or to bring a church to JOCOTILLO!