Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Cool Kids

What is up! Not much to report on this week! My comp and me have been killing it teaching! It is pretty dang fun actually. All the kids in my district are just goofs and it is so fun. My Spanish is progressing so fast and I feel so cool speaking with all the Latinos. I finally got Latinos in my room for the last two weeks!!!!!! I was so pumped because it's good practice!!! They are all going to cuidad central (this is Branson’s mission) as well so I’m just too pumped!!! The Latinos in our room are like the cool kids so all the Latinos flock to my room and they all call me their Latino brother because I’m the only one that understands them hahaha its so awesome! I know I won't understand much when I actually get out there but it is nice for now. It's the last p day here and we went to the temple and I did the endowment is Spanish, dificil (difficult) is all I can say haha but it was awesome. I also bought a custom scripture cases from someone here, i'll have to send you a picture out in the field! I don’t think I get to write next week because i'll miss p day put I’m still alive and I’m ready for the shock of the real world!!! I love you lots!
Paz Y Amor (Peace and Love)

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