Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Am Twenty!

Last Tuesday I was in divisions with Elder Casillas in his area. We went running up and down their area, which was actually a really awesome place-really poor but full of awesome people!

Wednesday- I WOKE UP AND I WAS TWENTY!!! That was the weirdest thing ever! I couldn’t believe it! I’m not a teenager anymore! I guess I finally have to get my act together ;) In the morning I had a nice WARM shower (that was a nice gift). That evening we were out working and my comp says we have to go visit this member family. I’m just like ¨What? Why? ¨and he just takes off. I kept asking why are we not going to knock these doors? When we get to the house, I’m sitting at the door wondering what is going on. He knocks on the door and 20 people answer the door and yell ¨feliz cumpleanos!!!!!!!¨ Hahaha I had a surprise birthday party! It was sick! Afterwards we went home and ate more cake and ice cream!

Thursday through Saturday was all normal! Just working like crazy and finding families!! This week we found 3 super families and we are going to baptize them in November! I’m stoked!

Sunday was kind of disappointing, we didn’t have a lot of people come to church and we kicked our butts this week to get people to church. That night we thought about all the things we could do better to get people to come to church!

Monday I bought new shoes since mine our destroyed!!! Shoes aren’t lasting me very long and now that our area is HUGE, it’s going to be even worse. We had divisions with the assistants and man that was so fun! We were working hard, making jokes and enjoying it. Elder Campos (the assistant) and I were in the office for like 3 changes together! It was awesome!

Today the district leader had to go to the capitol so I gave the district meeting and it was fun!

Well I love you guys and thanks for everything that you guys do!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Companion

My week has been good! We found a few people and a family we hope are going to get baptized!

This was my last week in the office and it was fun! We ate really good everyday and we went to Sololá to have a reunion! It was great to go out there, except the brakes completely failed us and we were flying down some mountain roads, but it’s all good!!

We had changes and I’m now companions with ELDER FULMER!!! He is from Ogden, Utah! I was going to receive a Latino but we had last minute changes! He is really cool and we are getting used to working with each other!

This Sunday we had a division of wards and we thought our area was going to get smaller but it ended up getting a whole lot bigger which is sick!!!!

I’m not in my area right now because we are on divisions so my birthday breakfast tomorrow morning is going to be a hot shower, our house doesn’t have hot water hahaha!

Sorry for sending this bad email! It will be more organized next week!


Monday, October 12, 2015

New Church

The Church in Boca - it is Huge!
This is my last time writing from the office, and then I will be in the real field again. I’m super stoked!! I don’t have a ton of time so I’m going to write something short.

This week was awesome! We did a ton and had some cool experiences.

Thursday we went bowling, then we went to this super sick mall that’s basically from the future! It was huge and it had this crazy system of slides that dropped down to other floors hahaha! We also had the new church open house, which was SOOO MUCH FUN! We invited so many people, and we were literally herding people into the open house. My comp and I invited the police to go in and they actually really liked it! Super awesome!

Friday we had to drive 6 hours out to Sololá for a meeting and we had to take some elders home afterwards that live SUPER FAR AWAY. We got home around 12 that night so that’s always fun.

Saturday was normal and we had a baptism Interview.

SUNDAY this was my first Sunday and last Sunday in the new Boca building! It was awesome and we had a bunch of people come! We also BAPTIZED!!!! Hermana Marilyn! She is awesome and is going to be a good member.

This week is cambios (changes) so it’s going to be crazy.

I love you guys and thanks for everything!!!

Elder Kendall

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Undercover Mission

I’m on a little undercover mission right now in my new zone. Missionaries are already here in the area; but now it is going to be turned into a zone so everything is about to change! I’m with Elder Mendez and Elder Alvarez right now in Alamedes and they have no idea why I’m here. They are worried hahaha it’s too funny!

This is from my new area -super fun 3 days!!

Friday we had p-day and we went to the TEMPLE!! We did a session and then they invited us to be witnesses for the sealings! That was cool because I had never seen it before!

Saturday was conference and that’s always amazing! We went to lunch with a bunch of elders and we got to learn a lot from conference! I liked Elder Uchtdorf´s first talk on Saturday! Conference is so much different when you are a missionary.

Sunday was the sickest because when we were at conference, President Markham and ALL OF HIS KIDS surprised us when they came into the room! It was fun getting to know them. President surprised us even more when he told us they were going to work with us that day! Lynn Markham went out with us! He was the funniest guy ever! He made everyone laugh because he didn’t speak Spanish but tried super hard. He literally talked with 100 people in the street! He reminded me so much of president!

Well wish me luck! I'll be heading back to the office on Thursday and changes are next Wednesday!


Good Times with the office elders.