Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Companion

My week has been good! We found a few people and a family we hope are going to get baptized!

This was my last week in the office and it was fun! We ate really good everyday and we went to Sololá to have a reunion! It was great to go out there, except the brakes completely failed us and we were flying down some mountain roads, but it’s all good!!

We had changes and I’m now companions with ELDER FULMER!!! He is from Ogden, Utah! I was going to receive a Latino but we had last minute changes! He is really cool and we are getting used to working with each other!

This Sunday we had a division of wards and we thought our area was going to get smaller but it ended up getting a whole lot bigger which is sick!!!!

I’m not in my area right now because we are on divisions so my birthday breakfast tomorrow morning is going to be a hot shower, our house doesn’t have hot water hahaha!

Sorry for sending this bad email! It will be more organized next week!


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