Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Yo Yo Yo!

This week has been crazy! OUR AREA IS HUGE AND IT IS SO HOT!! It’s seriously hard to decide where to go and where the chosen people live. There was a time here in Tiquisate, about 15 years ago, when everyone was baptized! When we knock doors out of every 5 doors we knock, one member or less active will come out!

We haven’t really had much time to do anything really crazy this week because we had something to do everyday that took up so much time! This week we plan to go out to a little village right on the beach where there used to be a branch! We are to begin reactivating members and start up the branch again. We want to get it to a point the president can send permanent missionaries to the area!

We are going to have a wedding this week and baptism a FAMILY! I’m pretty stoked! It’s been rough the past few days because we have been rejected a ton and it’s really HOT! But it’s all good because we have seen miracles!

Sorry I don’t have pictures this week but I love you guys!
Elder Kendall

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Sunday was dope because we baptized HERMANA PAOLA!!! She is the Hermana of one of my other converts. She is super cool and already wants to go on a mission.  I’m pretty stoked!

Later that night, I got the call that I have changes on Tuesday! I couldn’t sleep that night because I was worried about where I was going to be sent!

Monday we played soccer in the morning.  Then we literally went running around trying to say goodbye to everyone.  It was pretty sad, but at the same time it was cool.  All of our converts are so sick and just love the church.  I’m not even worried about them.

Tuesday we woke up super early and showed up for changes and now I’m in TIQUISATE!!! The hottest zone in our mission!!!!! I seriously was dead the first day! I just walk around dying all day from the heat.   The people here are more humble than in the capital! I’m also Zone leader with ELDER PE√ĎA!!! From Peru! He is super dope and we are killing it! We are going to try and baptize a family this next weekend so stay tuned ;)


Me dancing, one posing, one eating a banana!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Killer Week

This week was killer! I had to learn a lot of things this week!

I think the hardest thing in my entire life has been humility! Man, it's just so hard backing down and confessing that you were wrong! I’ve found that if you want to have a good relationship with your zone you have to love them!

This week we were helping Hermano Roel prepare for his baptism!
On Saturday, we had his baptismal service and it went really well! He was super happy to get baptized! Right after his baptismal service, we had an activity for the retention of new members! It was fun. My comp and I prepared a table that explained the Word of Wisdom! We had a member buy us some coffee to help with the display...All the members who showed up were - What the heck are the elders doing? haha!

Everything else was pretty normal! We eat with new people everyday; and it's pretty cool because we get to know the entire ward! However, people have been giving us really interesting food lately hahaha!

Next week are changes so I'll be writing on Wednesday. I THINK I'M GOING TO THE COAST!

Well, I love you guys and thanks for everything.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Poler Stuff Hat

Just doing a bit of welding.

SOOOOO this week was sick! I’m just going to start out with a cool story that only a couple of people will understand haha!  I was walking down the street and we passed this man selling ice cream on a tricycle (like from nacho libre).  I look at him as we pass by and I notice he was wearing a POLER STUFF hat. I was shocked because it’s a small brand that I like a ton.  I walked up to the man and asked him if I could buy it from him.  He was so confused but then I pulled out 15 quetzales (2 bucks) and he just went crazy and gave me the hat and went away really happy hahaha!

Other story, we baptized this girl a month ago and her sister came to church this Sunday.  She loved it.  When we went to their house that night she came out of the door and said ¨I’m going to get baptized on the 13th of February!!! ¨ We were surprised and really stoked.  So we are going to baptize Roel this weekend and then Paola the next weekend!

For p day de zone went to Antigua. I went with Elder Huerta and we just enjoyed the time instead of running around all day trying to do stuff! We found a bunch of cool little stores and I bought a sick shirt made of corte! I’m stoked!

I’m feeling really good! I literally have 6 months left from today! It's crazy how fast the time goes! I’ve been working my butt off so much lately, and we have been seeing a ton of miracles! Unfortunately, we've had HUGE problems with two sisters lately! THEY DRIVE ME NUTS!!!! They are disrespectful and super big liars! They make me want to rip my hair out! But it’s fine! If they want to go to that hot place.... go right ahead haha!

Also in our mission we can't eat fish but one of our investigators sells fish to Wal-Mart.  So our president gave us permission to eat it.  We ate reallllllllyyyyy good one-day!