Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Sunday was dope because we baptized HERMANA PAOLA!!! She is the Hermana of one of my other converts. She is super cool and already wants to go on a mission.  I’m pretty stoked!

Later that night, I got the call that I have changes on Tuesday! I couldn’t sleep that night because I was worried about where I was going to be sent!

Monday we played soccer in the morning.  Then we literally went running around trying to say goodbye to everyone.  It was pretty sad, but at the same time it was cool.  All of our converts are so sick and just love the church.  I’m not even worried about them.

Tuesday we woke up super early and showed up for changes and now I’m in TIQUISATE!!! The hottest zone in our mission!!!!! I seriously was dead the first day! I just walk around dying all day from the heat.   The people here are more humble than in the capital! I’m also Zone leader with ELDER PEÑA!!! From Peru! He is super dope and we are killing it! We are going to try and baptize a family this next weekend so stay tuned ;)


Me dancing, one posing, one eating a banana!

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