Tuesday, December 29, 2015



OK Christmas was something else! We were running around all day and they have a tradition here to make tamales! It’s a corn mix around a bunch of meat! Apparently it’s bad to eat a lot of it but we didn’t have a choice! Man I WAS FULLL!! They also have a tradition that the Navidad is celebrated on the 24th of December! We had permission to stay the night with a member until 12:30am! So we went to the house of our stake president and we ate and talked and had a good time. At 11:50pm we all kneeled down and prayed!

Then at 12...the world war begins! I want you to image all of the fireworks of 4th of July and the 24th of July mixed into 5 minutes of straight chaos! It was sick! Much cooler then the fourth of July! Go look it up on YouTube or something!

Christmas day we woke up and ate toaster strudel and bacon and then we opened our gifts! (Thanks family) love you guys! Then we went to go Skype with the family! Man it was good to see your faces family!

Everything is normal! Just enjoying! We are going to baptize on Saturday so I’m stoked!

Well I love you guys and enjoy the NEW YEAR!!!
E. Kendall

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Love to See the Temple

Last week was pretty dang fun because we had our Christmas activity and some parents donated money to buy Christmas gifts for the missionaries. We all got a ton of candy and played lots of games! We were also in charge of giving a Christmas presentation. We sang the Story of Christ’s birth and then we had a elder from our zone dress up as an angel and read scriptures from the book of Mormon.

Triple in Kekche

Friday for our zone pday we went to the temple and it was amazing! I love going to the temple and listening in Spanish! I don’t know why but it’s just so cool and powerful. It was also fun to be in the capital again because there is a ton of really good food - taco bell- man taco bell is the best here. 
Guatemala burrito!

Saturday WE BAPTIZEDDDDDD!!! Two of the coolest ladies I’ve ever met! My comp and I have just been seeing so many miracles lately. I guess working hard and having faith can pay off! These two ladies were just waiting for us and three weeks later got baptized!!
HERMANA CARLA!! She is the sickest! For some reason she wanted the 
black kid to baptize her....hahaha

Sunday was all normal

Monday was also normal until President showed up at our house and worked with us a bit which was sick! We didn’t have p day that day because we have p day on Christmas!

This next week we have some sick plans! We might be having some weddings Christmas night and then a couple of baptisms this weekend. I’M stoked! 

Well, I just want to say that I love you guys and I’m so grateful to be able to give this time to the Lord!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Divisions with the Assistants

We have been bringing a lot of people to church lately and now we are about to see the fruits! We have 1 baptism lined up for this weekend and then 3 set up for the next weekend and a couple more for next month!

Last week I did divisions with the assistants and it WAS SO FUN! I went with Elder Bell and I loved it! It just felt so natural to teach with him! Everything flowed and we were having a good time and God gave us miracles! It was dang fun! He taught me a ton and I also got to go back to the office to spend a night there! I was welcomed with a gift from my fellow office mates hahaha! They gave me a box with a couple of things in it and on the front page it said Merry Christmas you filthy animal!

Sunday we had a ton of miracles come to church! We are going to baptize the Hermana Carla this weekend so I’m pretty stoked! Carla is super cool! Her family is Jehovah witnesses but she thinks its weird! She is 19 and wants to be baptized!

Some of our other investigators are Alba, ROEL, and Vilma, they are 20, 19 and 13. They are children of a less active member! The only thing that is really in the way is their parents! They want the support of the parents! Their parents are supportive but don’t want to go to church!

Then there is Jony and Irma who need to get married and Santos and Leticia also need to get married so they can get baptized! It is only about $25 to get married, but they have issues with the whole commitment thing.

We didn’t have p day yet this week because we are going to the temple on Friday as a zone! I’m pretty stoked! That's all I can think of!!

Love you guys and I'll send pics next week!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas and Fireworks

This week wasn’t anything special!

Tuesday I had the best divisions ever! I was with Elder Sweat from California and we basically spent all day laughing like crazy because he is such a funny kid. Their area is pretty dang hard so we just had to joke around to stay encouraged! That night I sat in bed talking with him for 2 hours and I was rolling around in my bed laughing because it was so funny!

Wednesday to Friday was pretty normal. Just finding people to teach and getting a couple of people ready for baptism! We have a solid 7 people for this month so we are pretty dang excited!

Sunday we went to the Christmas Devotional which was really good. Afterwards, they had some food outside. We go outside and all off a sudden the church members were lighting off fireworks!!!!!!! Like the big illegal ones! My comp and I were thinking ¨I don’t think we can do this on the Sabbath day?” Haha it was so weird but its fine, forgive them because they know not what they do...

Monday we went to a big tourist park and played soccer and took a ton of cool pictures!

This guy is the ward mission leader in my zone! He came and hung out with us during our pday. He is probably 22 and knows English perfectly!

Right now I am starting some divisions with a new kid-Elder Hernandez! He is sitting right next to me crying right now so this is going to be an interesting 24 hours...