Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Entire Change

Bad news first... WE DIDN’T BAPTIZE FOR AN ENTIRE CHANGE!!!!!!!! This past week one guy backed out at the last minute and I almost lost it.  Plus, I’m staying here for another 6 weeks...I was stoked to leave this area this change but it didn’t happen!!! It just sucks to really destroy myself all day everyday to not see anything... I’m literally so tired!  These hills are just killing me.... I just don’t have a lot of energy but I know God will help me a little bit!  We have a couple investigators but they just don’t want to do anything so we have to move on! Often we will teach people for two weeks and if they don’t go to church, we have to leave them!  I’m trying to do everything I can! I even get along super well with the people and they are my friends, but they don’t progress so I have to leave them.  But it’s all good! We will find a lot of people this change and I hope baptize! 

This last week we had three missionaries living in the house and it was sick!!!  He was a white kid and it was nice to be with more then one person hahaha!!! Our  house is actually really nice!! Everything works fine and there aren’t even bugs in the house. 



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's So Weird


We had divisions with the assistants the other day and they were giving me some hints that I might leave!!! But we will see! I feel like I won’t leave because I want to leave!! 

But if I do stay it’ll be fine because I think we are going to baptize a guy named Sergio this week and then we found this family that is super crazy, but crazy in a good way!! So we are working with them right now!!!

I’m still tripping so hard about this whole Savannah marriage thing!!!! It’s so weird!!!!!   I still can’t rap my head around the idea of savannah being married!  At least they will live close and I can actually kind of have a sister! 

Love you guys,

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Humble Me

This week has been hard!! I’ve been trying to do everything right but we just aren’t seeing progress in anyone! I think I’m going to try and be more obedient! Not sure how but I’m going to try!! I think God is going to humble me and leave me here for another six weeks!

I got so sick yesterday! It was the first time I had to stay in the house all day! Every time I stood up, I threw up and it sucked!! But I’m doing a little bit better now.

Well I got to go, but keep praying for me because I need it!!! LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


This week was good! It started out with divisions with our zone leader and I just destroyed him in our area. I was kind of getting sick of all the crap they were telling me about how I wasn’t working hard... so I just decided to destroy him! They still say I’m lazy but how the kid felt after the day says otherwise ;) hahaha

This week was Semana Santa and that was nuts! Everyone went to the coast or they were in the city carrying around big statues of Mary. It was hard to have lessons but it was all-good! We went and met a lot of members and they said they wanted to help us in the work so we have a lot more support now, which is great!

Conference!!!!!!!!!!! I love conference! It’s just different in the mission! You actually pay attention and learn a ton!!! I love some things I learned this week and we also got a couple people to go to church and a family!!!!!!! I’m stoked! The family of Louis and Sylvia! They have a son as well so we are working really hard with them!!!

Not much else to tell you!!! I bought some ECCO shoes in the megapaca for 15 bucks- they weren’t even used!!!  I also bought a nerf gun! The ones we have at home! And I love it ;) hahaha thank you for everything and don’t make me too jealous with your trips!! 

Oh and some of these pictures are of the breakfast the members made for us before conference!!!! Pancakes!!!

And this weird card game of prophets haha!!