Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Entire Change

Bad news first... WE DIDN’T BAPTIZE FOR AN ENTIRE CHANGE!!!!!!!! This past week one guy backed out at the last minute and I almost lost it.  Plus, I’m staying here for another 6 weeks...I was stoked to leave this area this change but it didn’t happen!!! It just sucks to really destroy myself all day everyday to not see anything... I’m literally so tired!  These hills are just killing me.... I just don’t have a lot of energy but I know God will help me a little bit!  We have a couple investigators but they just don’t want to do anything so we have to move on! Often we will teach people for two weeks and if they don’t go to church, we have to leave them!  I’m trying to do everything I can! I even get along super well with the people and they are my friends, but they don’t progress so I have to leave them.  But it’s all good! We will find a lot of people this change and I hope baptize! 

This last week we had three missionaries living in the house and it was sick!!!  He was a white kid and it was nice to be with more then one person hahaha!!! Our  house is actually really nice!! Everything works fine and there aren’t even bugs in the house. 



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