Tuesday, April 7, 2015


This week was good! It started out with divisions with our zone leader and I just destroyed him in our area. I was kind of getting sick of all the crap they were telling me about how I wasn’t working hard... so I just decided to destroy him! They still say I’m lazy but how the kid felt after the day says otherwise ;) hahaha

This week was Semana Santa and that was nuts! Everyone went to the coast or they were in the city carrying around big statues of Mary. It was hard to have lessons but it was all-good! We went and met a lot of members and they said they wanted to help us in the work so we have a lot more support now, which is great!

Conference!!!!!!!!!!! I love conference! It’s just different in the mission! You actually pay attention and learn a ton!!! I love some things I learned this week and we also got a couple people to go to church and a family!!!!!!! I’m stoked! The family of Louis and Sylvia! They have a son as well so we are working really hard with them!!!

Not much else to tell you!!! I bought some ECCO shoes in the megapaca for 15 bucks- they weren’t even used!!!  I also bought a nerf gun! The ones we have at home! And I love it ;) hahaha thank you for everything and don’t make me too jealous with your trips!! 

Oh and some of these pictures are of the breakfast the members made for us before conference!!!! Pancakes!!!

And this weird card game of prophets haha!!

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