Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Undercover Mission

I’m on a little undercover mission right now in my new zone. Missionaries are already here in the area; but now it is going to be turned into a zone so everything is about to change! I’m with Elder Mendez and Elder Alvarez right now in Alamedes and they have no idea why I’m here. They are worried hahaha it’s too funny!

This is from my new area -super fun 3 days!!

Friday we had p-day and we went to the TEMPLE!! We did a session and then they invited us to be witnesses for the sealings! That was cool because I had never seen it before!

Saturday was conference and that’s always amazing! We went to lunch with a bunch of elders and we got to learn a lot from conference! I liked Elder Uchtdorf´s first talk on Saturday! Conference is so much different when you are a missionary.

Sunday was the sickest because when we were at conference, President Markham and ALL OF HIS KIDS surprised us when they came into the room! It was fun getting to know them. President surprised us even more when he told us they were going to work with us that day! Lynn Markham went out with us! He was the funniest guy ever! He made everyone laugh because he didn’t speak Spanish but tried super hard. He literally talked with 100 people in the street! He reminded me so much of president!

Well wish me luck! I'll be heading back to the office on Thursday and changes are next Wednesday!


Good Times with the office elders.

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