Monday, October 12, 2015

New Church

The Church in Boca - it is Huge!
This is my last time writing from the office, and then I will be in the real field again. I’m super stoked!! I don’t have a ton of time so I’m going to write something short.

This week was awesome! We did a ton and had some cool experiences.

Thursday we went bowling, then we went to this super sick mall that’s basically from the future! It was huge and it had this crazy system of slides that dropped down to other floors hahaha! We also had the new church open house, which was SOOO MUCH FUN! We invited so many people, and we were literally herding people into the open house. My comp and I invited the police to go in and they actually really liked it! Super awesome!

Friday we had to drive 6 hours out to Sololá for a meeting and we had to take some elders home afterwards that live SUPER FAR AWAY. We got home around 12 that night so that’s always fun.

Saturday was normal and we had a baptism Interview.

SUNDAY this was my first Sunday and last Sunday in the new Boca building! It was awesome and we had a bunch of people come! We also BAPTIZED!!!! Hermana Marilyn! She is awesome and is going to be a good member.

This week is cambios (changes) so it’s going to be crazy.

I love you guys and thanks for everything!!!

Elder Kendall

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