Monday, September 1, 2014

Working Hard

CCM District

Not much new here. Still hate this place but it is getting much better. Spanish is coming along pretty well and teaching is easier in Spanish.  Tomorrow we are going to the market so we finally get to leave this place!!!!!!!  Just for a little though. All my roommates are leaving and it sucks!  My companion isn't a great singer, so I almost start laughing when he sings, but I love the kid and he helps me quite a bit! Exciting things that happened this week- it rained really hard a couple times turning roads into rivers, we also heard a couple gunshots last night in the middle of the night so that was also cool. Another thing was some dude was trying to kill himself, so he walked out into three lanes of Guatemala traffic and walked down the road for like a mile in front of the mtc! super crazy! Nothing else really!  Just working hard to learn the language and how to teach the gospel.

love you lots!

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