Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sitting in the MTC all day!

Branson is on the right side on the 2nd row from the bottom.

So the first 3 days were so rough! I thought for sure I was going to turn in my name tag and come home hahaha! It’s gotten much better though! I’m still going crazy from sitting in the MTC all day. I
stare at the window almost all day ha. It feels amazing here though!70s all the time and cloud cover which is my favorite! My Spanish is coming along slowly, but its coming.

Most notable crazy thing this week was on the first day, when we were in our rooms a bunch of kids (20 to 30) ran into our room and just started acting like monkeys, they were all going crazy
for 30 seconds then they left hahaha! It was too funny. Also one of my roommates is a ghost mediator, so he told us a bunch of scary stories and that was sweet! Also there was a mini riot down the street so tons of cops were just flying down the road and that was cool. First thing that happened when I got out of the airport was someone came up to me and shined my shoes for a dollar so that
was cool. I also had to get my haircut on the first day.  You can see it in the picture.  Not much interesting to report here though! Best time of the day is when I can play sports because I’m going crazy in this prison!

A kid from Brighton told me that AF lost hahaha so I already knew!   All of my roommates are from the USA and they are all awesome! Super Funny! My companion is that one kid we saw walking into the airport! We don’t relate much but we work well together and he helps me with Spanish! I’m sleeping well! The ghost mediator is this super cool kid from Utah and he is dang funny and smart. The food is amazing at the MTC! Everything is going well today! Went to the temple!

Tell dad thank you for taking me golfing the morning I left! I find myself daydreaming about that round of golf a lot haha love you!

My time is up! I love you and I’ll talk to you more next week! I enjoy writing you guys!
Tell the fam I love them!  


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