Monday, May 25, 2015

Office Work

I had emergency changes this week. I guess they needed someone new in the office. I’m pretty sure I'll be here for 4 changes because that’s about how long everyone stays in the office. My job is to do everything with the mail, registering the missionaries and the cars. Yes I can be in a car now!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I’m in the office helping with any problems in the mission. We leave the office at 3:30pm everyday to preach the gospel.

President put me with my first gringo comp! Elder Bentley is from Orem, Utah and he is actually pretty fun! We live in a huge 4-story house. It's very nice and we also have a weight room - so I’m stoked to get in shape! Now I'm the District Leader of the APs and the other people in the house! It's nuts, I feel like I’m living in college!

Right now we are preparing a family of four to be baptized and we are super stoked. This week we had a baptism. Right now we are a companionship of 4 people! So in this baptism photo there are my 3 comps!

Everything came at me so fast this week so I forgot about a lot of the things that happened but you’ll be hearing a lot about the experiences I have here in the office!! I love you all and thanks for everything!


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