Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Follow in Thy Path

Follow in Thy Path

Our mini missionaries have gone home, for the most part, I thought the week was super fun!!  It was great to train them and work them to death a little!

Do you like our sleeping arrangements?  How about the pink room?  Manly!?  haha!

One mini missionary left early because he didn’t want to be there any more, he could barely walk at the end! Poor kid. We weren’t even walking fast but he couldn’t do it!  Look at the suffering in his face. 

Our other mini mish was super pilas and he learned a lot!

He also got to see a baptism, because we baptized this week!!!! Yee haw!!! It’s been a couple weeks. It was nice to finally baptize the last member of the family, the papa, and now they are getting ready to go to the temple!

Nothing really crazy happened this week! We went to Antigua again and it is fun up there! There are only white people there for vacations! It was weird to see so many white people! We ate at this sweet place; unfortunately, I got super sick. I was up all night with this sickness, I’m just walking dead right now. But it's part of the mission!

This is the volcano Alli in Antigua. It's super cool!

Right now my comp is teaching me a new language! It is Mayan, and it is super crazy! It doesn’t sound anything like a language, just a bunch of noises! But I hope to learn a couple languages in these 2 years that I have!!

Thank you for all your prayers because I can feel the help that they give Elder Falcon and I!

I love you all and until next week...ADDDIIIIOOOSSSSS
Elder Kendall

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