Wednesday, January 28, 2015


SORRY I couldn’t write a lot last week because we were running late. This week was good!!! We worked super hard and had a ton of lessons! My new comp isn’t used to working like this, hahaha but it’s tight! My new area is super cold, every night we have to use jackets and I was super Guatemala? Yeah it’s cold!

Our house is right behind one of the biggest Catholic Church in Guatemala and its actually kind of tight, other than the crazy people that go there. This area is awesome because it’s right behind the capital city, so I have all the benefits of the capital but I don’t have to live there; I don’t like the capital!

We had a baptism this last week and it was awesome! I worked with him for a couple days and he is pilas! Something else happened this week that was sick! We had a couple in my old area get married and baptized this week-Ordolfo and Sulame! My pres. told me that and I was so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Falcon is PILAS!!!!
Final selfie with Elder Falcon! He was the sickest!
This is Elder Slaymaker!  He was Alex's roommate in college!

This week for p day we went to the TEMPLE! That is always super fun! We had divisions the day after with the zone leaders and their area is nuts! They are in the capital and it’s dangerous! There were gunshots all night but we are protected so we thought it was tight!!
Chinese food! This plate was HUUUUGEEEE!

I don’t know what more I can really tell you guys this week! The weeks are just a blur so I basically forget everything haha!

PERO........... LES AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADIOOSSSSS



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