Thursday, January 1, 2015

They Aren't Married

This week was really crazy. Christmas came, and thanks to my mom, I gained a little bit of weight haha! So much Candy! We got to talk to our families as well which was good! It was kind of crazy though, because we are super far away from everything. I had to Skype on the phone of a member, which was nuts, but it was good to talk to my family! Then three families gave us food. So I’m gaining weight and enjoying this for a little, because after this season I will be starving again. 

We also had an activity this week with the zone where we went caroling, very funny! We sang to this evangelical group who were reading their bible, which made them mad haha. We also sang Families can be together Forever to this couple in the park who were kissing un poco haha super funny! The things you can do as a missionary.

Then the day after we went to the temple which was awesome! The temple is right next to the MTC and it made me feel really weird because I feel like I just left there!! But I almost have 5 months! Loco stuff. When we got back to the house, a group of huge BLACK BEES had made a nest on our porch. Elder Falcon and I went outside with this spray we bought, and sprayed them and they started to attack us! We were screaming like girls, but the bees are gone now! Really a blessing!

We are working with three families right now and they are all super pilas.  Unfortunately, they all have the problem we always have...they aren’t married! We are waiting for our friend the lawyer to return from Utah so he can help us get them married!! We are working like crazy and we aren’t baptizing. I have a word of advice for those future missionaries have patience! Something I’m learning right now.

I love you all and thank you for all the Christmas emails and if I couldn’t respond to you I’m sorry! There were a lot!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m going to light off some Fireworks tonight... What? 

Love you!

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