Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Remember Cristo!

Straight killing it out here in GUAT!!! No joke when I say that! We killed three dogs this week in the microbuses haha un poco (a little) ugly haha! My new comp is the chilliest and I realized you could have fun on a mish. To all that are getting ready to go on a mission, have fun while you are working! You will have more success!

We have found a ton of people this week. We are praying to baptize and we might baptize this Sunday! We also had our Christmas party this week and that was a blast! I got to see my best friend Elder Gallacher and that was sick! We got to watch a couple videos like that new Christmas music video with piano guys and David Archuleto! That was sweet! Then we played a bunch of games!

I don’t have any crazy stories for you guys this week. I think it is because I am getting use to all the crazy stuff that happens everyday. We are always taking buses and all the bus drivers know us and we are their helpers! We hang off the sides of the bus and yell VILLA CANNALES! VILLA CANALES! Haha just living it up!

We have a bunch of super dope things happening in the next few weeks! We are going to the temple next Tuesday so if I don’t write, that is why. Also, the first week of January we get to train two young men, who are waiting for their calls, how to be missionaries!!! They are going to live with us for 1 week and we are going to teach them what we can! It’s going to be fun!

OK, so it's Christmas time! You should all enjoy it! One thing I love teaching about is the importance of families, ENJOY THIS TIME WITH FAMILY and
REMEMBER CRISTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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