Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Big White Guy

Hello!!!! This week was good! We baptized again, the only thing that is hard is having a comp that is finishing his mish. He just talks about home and it makes me a little jealous.  But I got your package!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best day of my life! Everything is awesome and perfect! Thank you for sending the printed pictures! I loved them!

I have a crazy story, I’m going to share but don’t be scared because I’m always safe and everyone is scared of me because I’m a big white guy hahaha!  Seriously, I’m big here which is actually kind of fun and sucks as well, they only make cars for midgets here.  So we had p day de Zona yesterday and we had to travel a ton to get to the place on time so we woke up at three and walked 40 minutes to where the bus passes!!  We were waiting at the bus stop and a truck rolls up and 4 people get out with bats and ski masks and start making a roadblock and then they started it on fire!  My comp and I were just sitting there wondering what is going on?  I guess they were protesting something.  We were all sad because we weren’t going to be able to leave the city! But we had the idea to go and stop the bus and turn it around before these people took over!  We ran down the street with a group of other people and stopped the bus and turned it around to get out of there! Then someone started shooting at the bus when we were driving out of there!!! I don’t think any of the bullets hit the bus but it was nuts! And I’m not sure if it’s against the rules to share this story but it was so tight, I wanted to share it.  GUAT IS NUTS!!!!! Jocotillo as well! 

We made it to Antigua for P day and it was so awesome! It’s a big tourist town that looks like an old Mexican town at the base of a big volcano! The best part was this crepe place that had the sickest vibe ever! The decorations and everything were awesome...and the FOOD!!!!! It was a blessing! 

We also had Zone conference this week and I got to see Elder Gallacher (my best mission friend) that was awesome.  I wish I could share everything about are investigators but we have too many to tell you about them all! We baptized Hermano E___ .  He is so awesome and will be an awesome member! For Thanksgiving, I bought a ton of food to make stuff and then the power went out... which happens all the time in Jocotillo.  But blessing, Hermana A___ hooked us up with plenty of food. That’s my week, and here I go to have another just like it! 

Thank you for everything you have done for me! Only 3 more weeks and then I get to see you! I love you a ton! Tell the family hi and enjoy the Christmas season, because I miss it!! 
TE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love every single one of you!


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