Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fireworks All Day

We started the week with the Day of Mary.  This is where all the Catholics walk around following a shrine to the Mother Mary and shoot off fireworks all day!! At one point in the day, we had to walk through a crowd and it was nuts!!! Everyone is just like zombies! But it was sick because they used a strand of firecrackers that was no joke a kilometer long!!!!!!! It was nuts!  Everyone was also drunk so that was super fun as well! It’s a miracle nobody died that day.  I'm good at Spanish now so I just gave chicote to all the drunken people haha!

We had changes!!! I received Elder Falcon from Mexico! He is so sick! He only has 5 months in the mission and he is my trainer!!! We are straight newbies!  We have fun in the lessons and the people actually receive this better.  It's a little stressful because I have to take control of everything, and it's hard getting people from Jocotillo to our church 45 minutes away.  I was just dead so on p day so we took a nap!

This week we found so many people that are super pilas! We just have to find a way to bring them to church.  Pray for me, because my comp and I are still a little lost in Jocotillo!

I love you all and enjoy the snow in Utah...haha there isn't any! Love you all and thanks for the messages!  I can’t wait to see you guys on Christmas!!! It's hard being out here in the mission and just emailing!! I feel like my family is just something that was a dream! When I get to see your faces, it will be such a blessing!! I love you guys a ton!!!

Elder Kendall

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