Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Jungle Tree

Well I almost have 4 months! How do you like our Christmas tree that I decorated?  I found it in the jungle.   Have you seen the new Christmas church video!!! It is awesome, it would be fun to work in that department when I get home, but we will see!

We had a reunion all of the new missionaries this week, my last one, as a new missionary! It was awesome to see all of my buds from the MTC.  When we returned to our area, we searched in this new section (our area is huge) and we found this crazy poor place in the jungle.  There were a bunch of little kids, who have never seen a white kid.  They were following us around - like in the movies when the white guy goes to Africa and all the kids love him. So sweet!

One day this week we were woken up at 4am because a bunch of crazy Catholics were shooting off fireworks and worshipping Mary.  The people are completely crazy here.  They also had a Day of the Devil, where they take piñatas of the devil and blow them up with fireworks.  It was actually kind of cool because everyone was doing it! 

Our Ward Members - we had great support at this baptism.

Well I love all of you and enjoy the season and the snow! (Lucky punks) 


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