Tuesday, March 22, 2016

They Were Tight!

We have officially started the SEMANA SANTA!!!! It’s the hottest week of the year, and man am I feeling it!! It is SOOOO hot! We literally just walk around SWEATING like crazy and everyone passes us on their motos in their bathing suits looking at us like we are crazy for wearing so many clothes hahaha! Basically everyone just goes to the beach for a week straight hahaha! Seriously everyone left on Monday! I have no idea who we are going to teach in the next couple days.

This week has been pretty normal! We have been finding a ton of families lately! The other day in divisions with Elder Trimnall we found a family of 6 that is pretty amazing! I hope they can keep progressing. We also have another family who have gone to church a couple of times. I think we are going to have a wedding for them this weekend or the next! We will see what happens!!

Sunday we baptized the child of a less active family we reactivated. I got to baptize him but I didn’t have baptismal pants. (I left mine at the mission office.) So I had to use my comps and man they were TIGHHHTTT!! Hahaha I couldn’t even bend my knees but I had to do it so we made it work haha!

Pday we went and played soccer in this dope field and it was waaayyyy too hot to be playing sports hahaha!

Next Tuesday is the change day so I will write on Wednesday!!


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