Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pumped to Work

This week President Duncan toured our mission! He went around having meetings with the entire mission, and these meetings were sooo good! He taught us a ton of things especially how we can use our time better! The only bad part was that we had to wake up at 2am for 3 days straight to get to our meetings. Plus we barely had time to work in our areas, but its all good.

Saturday we were pumped to work because of what we had been hearing, and we found a ton of people this day! Everyone was super stoked to see us and we had a list of 11 people who were going to come to church when we finished the day!

Sunday we started going by to pick people up for church and nobody wanted to come anymore. I went straight rage mode! I wanted to kill someone! We got to church and a couple investigators were there but I was still kind of confused.

Monday we rested, then we had a little fire with a couple of families and shared a message. We also went to the family that was supposed to get baptized on Sunday, but couldn’t because they had to travel to see their sick mom. When we got there, we started hitting them with the spirit and they said they wanted to get married and baptized TODAY! So today we are going to be running around and trying to get everything ready! It’s going to be good!


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