Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to Sell the Message

Last Tuesday after I wrote you, we started running because we had a family who wanted to get married and baptized. We were busy trying to getting everything ready! They showed up to the church at 8:30pm!!!!!! (This was an hour late) It was crazy! But it didn't really matter because they got married then baptized!!!!! We got home at 10:40pm that night!

They rest of the week we were destroyed! It is so hard to work hard and walk fast in this area because the heat literally sucks the life out of you!!! But we were still able to see a ton of miracles!

My Comp

During the week, we had a leadership meeting and we were going to wake up at 3 AM to get to the meeting. We forgot to set the alarm and we woke up at 5:13.... We literally got ready in 10 minutes! Showered and everything and went running out the door. Lucky for us we got on the fastest bus in Guatemala (no joke) and showed up to our meeting at 8:20!!!!! It was crazy how lucky we were! We learned a lot and it was enjoyable!

Sunday we brought a lot more people to church and we have a family and a little teenager who could get baptized this weekend. We are going to see how that all goes!

Monday we went to Santiago Atitlan and man is that place pretty!

Looking at all the artwork.
A little shop
I bought a lot of paintings...they are pretty dope. 

Today we had our zone training and we taught ¨how to sell the message¨ and it went really well!!!!

This is my Zone!

I can’t believe how fast the time is going and really the mission changes people!

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