Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Real Intent

After I wrote last week we were completely rejected the rest of the day. We were also fasting so it was a hard day, but we stayed happy because we knew it meant that God was preparing something awesome for us.

Wednesday we went out with all the real intent in the world and found 2 families. Also while we were walking two young women came up to us and asked us how they could be members of the church! It was awesome.

Thursday-Saturday- we worked like normal and found some super positive people. We went and visited the two sisters who contacted us, and it turns out their parents were baptized 17 years ago but went less active. They are super cool and want us to baptize the rest of their family. We are also working with a family who has gone to church two times. They like it a ton, but they are a little scared of getting married. So we are doing everything we can to help them.

Sunday we saw miracles. We had 9 people come to church and they are all progressing! A family showed up that we taught a while ago, but we left them because they didn’t want to get married. They told us the man had lost his job and he felt like God was punishing him. He wants to get married and baptized now. (Thank you Heavenly Father for working in mysterious ways)

Monday we went around taking pictures with a bunch of random people because my comp and I are going to make a Christmas card for our zone (and maybe some of you guys if you're lucky) haha!

Right now I’m in Divisiones with ELDER SWEAT, from California! This is his 2nd-week in the mission and I’m stoked to work with him!

I’m tired but it’s all good!  When I think about the mission it just surprises me, I don’t think I would have the energy to do this stuff without the help of God because I barely sleep and we walk at least 8 miles a day! I feel like a pioneer haha!

Well sorry for the long message but I love you guys!

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