Tuesday, December 29, 2015



OK Christmas was something else! We were running around all day and they have a tradition here to make tamales! It’s a corn mix around a bunch of meat! Apparently it’s bad to eat a lot of it but we didn’t have a choice! Man I WAS FULLL!! They also have a tradition that the Navidad is celebrated on the 24th of December! We had permission to stay the night with a member until 12:30am! So we went to the house of our stake president and we ate and talked and had a good time. At 11:50pm we all kneeled down and prayed!

Then at 12...the world war begins! I want you to image all of the fireworks of 4th of July and the 24th of July mixed into 5 minutes of straight chaos! It was sick! Much cooler then the fourth of July! Go look it up on YouTube or something!

Christmas day we woke up and ate toaster strudel and bacon and then we opened our gifts! (Thanks family) love you guys! Then we went to go Skype with the family! Man it was good to see your faces family!

Everything is normal! Just enjoying! We are going to baptize on Saturday so I’m stoked!

Well I love you guys and enjoy the NEW YEAR!!!
E. Kendall

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