Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Divisions with the Assistants

We have been bringing a lot of people to church lately and now we are about to see the fruits! We have 1 baptism lined up for this weekend and then 3 set up for the next weekend and a couple more for next month!

Last week I did divisions with the assistants and it WAS SO FUN! I went with Elder Bell and I loved it! It just felt so natural to teach with him! Everything flowed and we were having a good time and God gave us miracles! It was dang fun! He taught me a ton and I also got to go back to the office to spend a night there! I was welcomed with a gift from my fellow office mates hahaha! They gave me a box with a couple of things in it and on the front page it said Merry Christmas you filthy animal!

Sunday we had a ton of miracles come to church! We are going to baptize the Hermana Carla this weekend so I’m pretty stoked! Carla is super cool! Her family is Jehovah witnesses but she thinks its weird! She is 19 and wants to be baptized!

Some of our other investigators are Alba, ROEL, and Vilma, they are 20, 19 and 13. They are children of a less active member! The only thing that is really in the way is their parents! They want the support of the parents! Their parents are supportive but don’t want to go to church!

Then there is Jony and Irma who need to get married and Santos and Leticia also need to get married so they can get baptized! It is only about $25 to get married, but they have issues with the whole commitment thing.

We didn’t have p day yet this week because we are going to the temple on Friday as a zone! I’m pretty stoked! That's all I can think of!!

Love you guys and I'll send pics next week!


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