Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas and Fireworks

This week wasn’t anything special!

Tuesday I had the best divisions ever! I was with Elder Sweat from California and we basically spent all day laughing like crazy because he is such a funny kid. Their area is pretty dang hard so we just had to joke around to stay encouraged! That night I sat in bed talking with him for 2 hours and I was rolling around in my bed laughing because it was so funny!

Wednesday to Friday was pretty normal. Just finding people to teach and getting a couple of people ready for baptism! We have a solid 7 people for this month so we are pretty dang excited!

Sunday we went to the Christmas Devotional which was really good. Afterwards, they had some food outside. We go outside and all off a sudden the church members were lighting off fireworks!!!!!!! Like the big illegal ones! My comp and I were thinking ¨I don’t think we can do this on the Sabbath day?” Haha it was so weird but its fine, forgive them because they know not what they do...

Monday we went to a big tourist park and played soccer and took a ton of cool pictures!

This guy is the ward mission leader in my zone! He came and hung out with us during our pday. He is probably 22 and knows English perfectly!

Right now I am starting some divisions with a new kid-Elder Hernandez! He is sitting right next to me crying right now so this is going to be an interesting 24 hours...


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