Friday, September 4, 2015

Noobie Day

Taken at the President's house on noobie day... it’s not the first day if it's not raining buckets ;)

OK it’s been changes and now I’m training in the office so I’m stoked I might be able to finally leave this place but it’s been BUSSYYY.

All the packages to be delivered during changes.

Thursday of last week, we had our de distrito pday and we went bowling which was super fun.

Unfortunately, on our way there we got in a car wreck (no I was not driving) it wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t our fault but our RAV4 got wrecked. It's in the shop so we only have the truck now.  That same night we went to the office and on our way back somebody ran into us again and just drove now the truck has a dent in it but that’s fine it's a truck.

Friday, we had our live broadcast with President Nelson, IT WAS SICK! He taught us how to be better missionaries. It's cool to see how an apostle talks in conference and how he talks outside of conference.  He was so powerful.  Unfortunately, the transmission cut out about half way through so that sucked.... still learned a lot.

SUNDAY WE BAPTIZED!!!!!!! Hermana Daniela and Hermano Manuel! These two little kids are the funniest kids ever. We were going to baptize their parents but the dad couldn’t get the divorce completed.  We hope he finishes the divorce soon and can get baptized! THEY THE BEST!

Monday, we took a little bit of our p-day and went and played at our zone versus zone soccer game. Villa Hermosa contra El Frutal! So fun!

Tuesday was NOOBIE DAY!!!!! It was crazy to see all the white kids coming into the mission. It reminded me so much of my first day! Every first day, the secretaries and the assistant’s take out the new missionaries and just destroy them! I took out Elder Lewis from Draper and Elder Rangel from Mexico.  It was so fun, we went to my old area in el Carmen and I just made them run up and down those hills with me hahaha it was fun! That night I had to go do a interview for the assistants, so we went to their area.  After I finished the interview, the assistants left for a baptism and left me with their noobies.  SO I HAD 6 NOOBIES FOR TWO HOURS!!! CRAZIEST TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE! I took them to this one street and we were all contacting. One group had a lesson so I was watching them and while the rest of them kept contacting.  When the lesson finished, we started running to catch up with them.  While we were running I look over and I see a PRIEST STANDING OUTSIDE OF HIS CHURCH holding one of our pamphlets hahahahahahahahahahahaha these white kids had no idea what was going on hahaha!

Wednesday we had CHANGES (president informed us last night that we are not going to have change meeting anymore:( which sucks) but I received ELDER CASTRO! He is from Costa Rica and speaks perfect English!

My new comp!

Sorry for making that so long, I just haven’t written in awhile, hopefully everyone keeps reading my emails ;)


All the homies who left this change! These guys are the best!


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