Friday, August 21, 2015

One Year Mark


I GOT YOUR PACKAGE AND IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! I seriously loved all the photos! It was cool to see people I have almost forgotten about haha - oooops - I love you guys a ton!!!

My one-year mark was cool! We were going to go to Panajachel, BUUUUTTTT a missionary broke her foot, and we had to send her home that day! It was still a good day -just relaxing and enjoying the day! I burnt my shirt and we made cookies with ice cream. So it was pretty dang fun!! I talked with President a couple days ago and he said ¨so you have a year, work as hard as you can, but remember that you have one year to prepare for the world" that kind of scared me! The first year flew by so quickly and I know this next year will fly by as well!

We have been working hard here, but things just keep hitting a wall. The family that went to church last weekend isn't married, and one of them has to get divorced from some else first (shoot me). We can still baptize their kids; it just sucks because the parents are awesome. I wanted to baptize them, but its all good, it won’t be the first time I find a family and they get baptized right after I leave the area.

Pres. Nelson is coming on Tuesday.  Which means next week is going to be crazy! I’m stoked to hear from him!! This is going to be my second time listening to an apostle on my mission! I’m super stoked!! 

I love you a ton and thanks for everything!
Elder Kendall

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