Monday, August 10, 2015

My Life Lately - Contacting

Just riding on the back of a bus! ;)

I have less than a year left - that’s some crazy stuff if you ask me! I never thought I would get to this day but now the time is flying and here I am!!!

This week has been pretty normal! We have been working like crazy here in the office to get ready for all the conferences. We went to one conference on Wednesday and it was really good! We watched the video we made and everyone was laughing –it’s pretty funny! We also have President Nelson who is coming to visit us at the end of this month. Therefore we have been running around doing a ton of stuff!

We have also been working like crazy to find people to baptize! We have a couple people progressing and going to church. Right now I’m driven by a desire to baptize. I'll tell you one thing, I’m not scared to talk to people anymore! At first I did not like contacting in the streets, I got scared all the time, but now I don’t even care. You can ask anyone in Boca Del Monte if they know me, and they would probably say I’m the gringo who always tries to talk with them on the street or on the bus hahaha! That’s been my life lately...contacting! The people here are kind of hard of heart so it’s been hard for them to let us in. It’s just more evidence of the second coming of Christ, people don’t want to listen! It’s fine, I’ll keep bugging them until they want to listen ;)

There isn't much more so I love you guys and thanks for everything!
Elder Kendall

Picture of a "Nice Church" in Guatemala (Non LDS)

Just a Local Dumping Ground

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