Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Video Skills

You are guys are trekking it up right now but I thought I would send a quick little message!

This week has been busy! We have been preparing for all the zone conferences. We have been spending a lot of time in the office, which is super boring. I did get some good news today.... NEXT CHANGE I’M GOING TO TRAIN IN THE OFFICE!!! This is amazing news because I thought I was going to be here until November, but now I’ll just be here until the beginning of October. I’m super stoked! The office is cool it’s just hard to focus on finding people to baptize here! So the 10 week countdown to the real mish life starts today!!!:)

This last Sunday we didn’t baptize because the two people we were going to baptize had an emergency and couldn’t make it to church. We will see how it goes this weekend!!

This week we made a video for the conferences and it was pretty fun to make some videos and show off my video skills;) haha! Tomorrow we are heading to the mountains to run some errands and have a little p day up there!

Thanks for everything and for always writing!

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