Monday, September 21, 2015

Guatemala Winter

This week has been pretty good! The Guatemala winter just barely started and I’m not going to lie, IT’S COLD!! It rains EVERY SINGLE DAY! When it rains, it rains buckets! We tried to use umbrellas but there was no hope! You just get wet anyway. We but all of our stuff in bags and get wet haha! It’s cool and at the same time it sucks.

We have a couple investigators that are positive right now. I do have a favorite ;) hahaha her name is Hermana ROSA! She is a friend of one of my converts. When they get together, they are basically my grandmas. (I still love you Nana Bushman and Grandma Kendall) Together they are seriously so funny! Just like two 70-year-old women pumped to be alive! We are trying to get her baptized this weekend that should be fun.

I learned one thing this week from a talk I was reading called ¨Purifying Ourselves¨.  I learned we usually prevent ourselves from having the spirit with us at all times. I decided to make a list of things that could prevent me from having the spirit, and I’m going to try and take them out of my life. I’ve already felt a change, but making the list was HARD!

WELL I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! One more month and then I’m 20, I don’t like that.


On a good note, we went and dropped off stuff to some missionaries,
we got lost, and ended up on the beach! It was hot!

Crossing bridges with the 2nd counselor.

Pizza Run!

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