Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mission Goal Completed

This week was a good one! We have been working like crazy to see some kind of miracle. The good news is we completed our mission goal this month of 200 baptisms! We were all pretty pumped and we are going to be working a lot this month to keep it up!

We had a ton of meetings this week so we were running around! We had to go to an area called Santiago twice this week. To get there we get in the back of a truck and travel for three hours! We had to go there for divisions and for a baptism. It was pretty fun but it was also pretty hard because I don’t like being out of my area for a long time. WE NEED TO WORK AND FIND.

This area has been killing me a little bit! They sent Elder Daybell and I to this area so we could ¨fix it”, but man it is hard! The people are good people but we just need them to be more. They don’t send more missionaries here because it hasn’t baptized here for like 7 months...So they sent my comp and I here to make it better because supposedly we are good missionaries haha. So far it’s not working too well! I’m not discouraged I just don’t know what to do at this point! We are trying to figure something out! This week we went and visited all three of the branch presidents (we are in charge of 3 branches so we go to church from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon). The area is huge and the people are hard of heart. We have been trying to work a lot with the members so we can see some kind of miracle in these upcoming weeks!

We have a couple of people who went to church this week.  We are going to work with them and try to get them baptized the 12th of June! Pray for us because we need some prayer power here!

LOVE YOU GUYS and I would send a picture but this computer doesn’t let me haha!

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