Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Solola Living

WOW this place is something else! I’ve never been exposed to something like this before. This little town is just so crazy! They all still wear a type of clothing that is called corte! It’s been the clothing for these people for around 1000 years. They just don’t let go of traditions.

My area IS HUGE and it's been kind of hard lately because the people don’t know much Spanish. I often find myself teaching with my hands more than with words hahaha, but it’s been pretty fun trying to find out how to work with these people!

I also really like this area because I feel like it refining me! We knock doors and talk with people in the street until 9.30pm everyday in hopes that we can see some kind of miracle. We just work and work and work!!! I’ve had so many cool experiences that have been testimony builders for me.

I’ve got to go and thanks for writing! I LOVE YOU A TON!!!!


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