Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This week was dope! On Tuesday we had divisions with the assistants.  It was fun because they are my two best friends in the mission and I seriously learned a ton! Elder Gallacher told me at the beginning of the day ¨we are going to find someone today that will get baptized in three weeks!" So we left and we just started having fun! We literally walked into every house without permission but the Guatemalans were fine with it because we were just two crazy white kids, and we found a ton of people who went to church this week!

The day after divisions, I felt the impression to do divisions with some elders in our zone who have been struggling. I was with Elders Watkins and before we left I told him ¨we are going to find somebody to baptism today."  So we left and did the same thing, two crazy white kids walking into everybody’s house haha. Guess what, we found a lady that is going to get Baptized in a couple of WEEKENDS! It was super fun!

I’ve just been learning a lot about the diligence lately! There isn’t time to waste in this work! I try my best to talk with just about every person and it’s working well! We are going to marry and baptize a family this week!

I know this is true and I’m going to try to enjoy this last 12 weeks. 


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