Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Tuesday we had zone divisions and we FOUND A TON OF PEOPLE!! Literally so many people in just like 5 hours.  And they were all progressing in the second visit!

Thursday and Friday we had meetings as a mission.  As Zone leaders we spent a ton of time traveling.  We learned a ton of stuff, but I don’t like to be out of my area for such a long time because it's hard to help the people that way.

Saturday we had to do a lot of interviews because our zone baptized a Ton of people this week! Then we had a wedding for a family who got baptized on Sunday!

Sunday we talked with our moms and that was the dopest thing ever! But we also had to be there while the rest of the missionaries talked with their families - so we were there ALL DAY and then at 7pm we baptized the family!

MONDAY I HAD CHANGES!!!!  I’m still a zone leader in an area NAMED SOLOLA!!! It's in the mountains.... super cold and everyone is Catholic! It is also HUGE!!! I’m not joking it's like a bunch of random little villages and it's hard to find people who SPEAK SPANISH!!!  I have a new comp who is from Utah as well! His name is Elder Daybell and he is so funny.  We worked all day yesterday and we barely taught anyone.  It is much different from my last area. We just make friends with everyone and then we try to talk about the gospel.  Then they reject us haha but it's all good! It’s just a change for me because I came from an area where everyone listens, but we are still going to find people to baptize!

Well I love you guys and thanks for everything!

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