Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Straight Fire!

This week has been interesting. My area is full of straight wickedness. When I first got here, we were trying the whole be nice and make friends kind of thing, which worked with a very few people. Now we are taking the ALMA approach! I have been giving it hard to a lot of people, because this area needs to be called to repentance. I have been destroying bad traditions with the scriptures. I figure if I can tear them down to the dust, Jesus and his Atonement can build them back up into the people God wants them to be! We’ve had a lot of recent converts in this area tell us they went inactive when the elder who baptized them left. So I’m not worried about how many people I baptize anymore, because what good is it if we baptize someone and they still don’t make it to the celestial kingdom. SO WE ARE GOING TO MAKE CHANGES and truly convert these people! I feel more powerful.

We are working hard! Some cool families are progressing and tomorrow my comp and I are giving a workshop in front of the entire mission. Pray for us! Hoping it’s going to be STRAIGHT FIRE!!

Halloween was cool - I bought some candy.


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