Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ribs and Cheese Puffs

Here is a Placa of a language I'm trying to learn! It's called Queche.

This week has beeeeennnnn nuttsss! So many things that we’ve had to do!

Tuesday, we had our interviews with President Markham that was awesome.

Wednesday my comp and I gave a workshop to all of the zones in the capital. Pretty crazy because we only had 2 days to prepare it!

Thursday we had leadership council in the house of president and it was cool going back there after not being there for a while!

Friday and Saturday were pretty normal, we found a lot of cool people and we are finally getting to know all of the converts in this area.

Sunday we saw a huge miracle. We found this super cool 19-year-old teenager this week and when we got to the bus stop to go to church this kid was waiting for us there! It was dang cool! He is going to get baptized! I also had to give a talk in church that actually went pretty well!

Monday we won the most successful zone in the mission. So president came to our zone pday and brought FOOODDDDD! He brought us RIBS!!!!!!!!!! They were seriously the best things I have eaten here in Guatemala! We played a bunch of minute to win it games and then a game of soccer. We have a sister in our zone that basically schooled us all in soccer so that was sick!

Here we are playing the cheese puff game!  We also had an egg toss that was super funny!
 This is after we played the games.  Shaving cream everywhere.
The Cookie Shuffle

Today we gave another workshop to our zone (straight workshops) and now I’m in divisions with ELDER SLAYMAKER!!! He was one of ALEX'S roommates in college! The kid is super funny!

Sorry for writing a long one! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Some of the Homies

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