Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Calls All Day

Ok I’ll tell you something - it’s hard being a zone leader. We get calls all day long. We have no time to do anything because we get so many calls. I just have to focus more on the work when we do have time. It’s been so stressful! We have norms that we have to complete and sometimes that its just hard. The people here, I’m not going to lie, are pretty dang rude! They seriously just look at us as dust! The other day I basically condemned someone at their door for being a sinner and not truly believing in Christ. We go hourssss without having lessons and it’s just not as fun when we don’t teach people. There are super cool people that will listen to us but then they don’t progress so we can’t teach them any more. We only teach the people that are going to progress.

We have been teaching this guy named Cristian. He is 19 and just loves the church! He likes to ride BMX bikes as well so that’s sick! The other day he texted us and asked us if we could baptize him tomorrow but we have to hold it off until Friday because we have a ton of crazy meetings now that we are zone leaders.

This week I also got to do divisions with Elder Slaymaker in this little mountain town up above our area. It is so pretty and they people there are so awesome we saw a ton of miracles.

We also had a special conference - a live broadcast from Elder Bednar! It was just for Guatemala – and it was one big chicote for not keeping the Sabbath day holy.

We also have changes this week but I’m pretty sure I’m staying in my area for at least another two changes but we will see!

I’m pretty sure if I weren’t a missionary I wouldn’t read these emails because they are so boring pero estaaaaa biennnn


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