Monday, June 29, 2015

No more Pilas


We had this thing called LA GIRA this week. The 1st counselor of the area presidency came and spoke to us by areas- the mountains, the coast, and the capital. My comp and I went up to the mountains. We woke up super early and drove a solid 2 hours into the mountains to a town called Patizcia.

This was the last meeting and area with the General Authority.  We heard about how he had been destroying missionaries and a ton of concepts we have in the mission. We go to this meeting and everything is going good, then the assistants and a couple zone leaders gave a presentation. The general authority would just stand up and correct them. Then I had to give a little presentation about the spirit (and I was scared) haha... ya he stood up and corrected me a lot but it was all good and humbling. He did get rid of the word PILAS in the mission though... which made me sad (its a slang word that just means smart) This is what he said ¨you guys claim you can walk on water, but every time you say PILAS, you start to sink and Jesus won’t help you out. ¨ (Getting rid of Pilas has proven very hard to get rid.) I learned a ton! There is no such thing as being more obedient, it’s just obedient. I also learned a big difference about covenants and commitments. I guess our mission is a lot different than other missions. It gave him more room to tear us apart. He told us in all the other missions, he just went and spoke, nobody else spoke. With ours we had presentations so he would stand up and stop the conference when he had a spiritual thought. It was good and we are going to see a lot of changes so we can baptize more!!! After all of this we had lunch with the General Authority and he said our mission was one of the strongest he had seen in his tour across Central America! That made us feel good!

Other than that it was just the same old same old! We got a ton of people to go to church and we are going to baptize next week!!!!!

Well I love you guys and thanks for everything!

Elder Kendall

P.S.  Here is a photo of a chapina that tried to sell us a pan, but she couldn’t reach our window because she basically goes up to my knee.

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