Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Missionary Mistakes

I’ll start from the beginning!

Monday- Wednesday- we were teaching and finding people so I won't bore you guys with all that stuff.

Thursday- we went on a little road trip to take supplies to some elder’s way out in the middle of nowhere. We decided to make a P-day out of it! (We don’t have a set p-day because there hardly is time for that) We went out to Antigua and did a ton of fun stuff up there with my distrito!!! We talked with a bunch of Mormon gringos that were up there for some humanitarian work! They were crazy surfing people from California so it was fun to talk with them!

Friday and Saturday we had two interviews to get people ready to be baptized! Hermana Betty and Hermana Jouquina! Two hermanitas that are just awesome and so funny! Hermana Jouqina is this crazy 83-year-old woman who is basically my grandma out here! She is so CRAZY!! Funny story about her -we have been teaching Hermana Jouqina for a couple of weeks and we brought her to church a couple times! She always told us she had been baptized in the church but we weren’t sure because she said the people who baptized her were JUAN AND JOSUE haha. We just thought she was crazy and she was baptized in some Evangelical church. So we got her all ready for baptism............

Sunday- we get to the church and we are getting everything set up the baptism! We get Betty and Jauqina all dressed up in white and my comp and I are dressed up in white. That’s when some weird stuff started happening! Out of no where came up this member and said that Hermana Jauqina was a member of the church because he was at her baptism 45 YEARS AGO!!!! We were all confused! We were just thinking ¨do we trust these crazy Guatemalan people or do we just do it anyway. We decided to investigate a little, we called the area office and gave them her information, they looked her up, AND SHE WAS ALREADY A MEMBER!!!!!!!! WE ALMOST BAPTIZED A MEMBER!!!!!!!!!

Missionaries make mistakes and sometimes we almost baptize members....pero Esta bien hahaha!! We still baptized Hermana Betty this weekend and we are preparing her daughter for this weekend!

Thank you for all of your letters and support! I LOVE YOU GUYS A TON!!!


ps. I may or may not have bought some Corte MC hammer pants 

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