Monday, June 15, 2015

Turkey Dinner

Ok, so this last week was nuts!

This last week we had mission changes. Which means we were super busy in the office. I’m learning a lot and my organization skills are coming in handy now! There are so many papers and so many people asking me for stuff! I’m also trying to be more worthy of the Spirit! And I’m trying to avoid thoughts of home (its impossible) haha but its all good.

Monday- we were in the office almost all day. We were finishing all the changes with president and getting all the mail and stuff ready.

Tuesday- we went to our Mission President´s house and gave a presentation to the new elders and sisters who came in that day. Then we took them out to work......... Something president always tells us to do is to destroy the new kids so they have a good expectation of how they should WE RAN ALL DAY! I was SOOO dead. The kid with me had a super good attitude so we were laughing and having a good time! Then we went into the office that night and we were there until 2am... So that was fun, especially because we woke up at 4am the next morning.

Wednesday- we had changes, and they are just the craziest. I also got to see my companion from the MTC.

Thursday- we had P-day and we were pretty dead so we just tried to sleep but we also planned our P-day de distrito.... We are going on a road trip to Santiago Atitlan (you guys should look up pics of that place because its sick) CRAZY STORY TIME-That night we were knocking doors, when someone just burst through the tin door with a knife in his hand and he was covered with blood. He yelled ¨I’m killing right now¨......... My comp and I looked at each other and we thought we were so screwed, then he said he was joking with us and invited us in....So naturally, we went into his house. He had the knife in his hand because he was about to kill this HUGE turkey! And I said ¨wow that thing is huge and then he asked me if I wanted to kill it, I didn’t really want to but the guy kind of freaked me out so he made me do it haha. So I killed the families dinner. Haha! That was interesting!

Friday and Saturday- I don’t really know what happened. The days just blur together.

Sunday- GOD BLESSED US SO MUCH! This week we had 9 people in the church. We had a new family come to church and they are so PILAS!!!!! The night before church the family watched The Best Two Years.... haha I don’t know how, but they thought it was funny.

We are doing well out here. IT’S FUN! We have been working like crazy and God is blessing us COMO LOCO!!! Thank you always for the Prayers and SEPAN QUE LES AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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